The Agency

The Hucksters is a streamlined, creative advertising agency that operates without the bureaucracy, trappings or expense of traditional agencies. We took our name from Frederic Wakeman’s 1947 pulp novel The Hucksters, the story of an adman with ideals who registers a lone voice of dissent among a chorus of agency yes-men.

But we’ve adopted more than the name. We’ve adopted the spirit of the age. We believe in civility, not as some charming period piece, but as the cornerstone of all our relationships. But mostly, we’re called The Hucksters because we’re here to sell. And that’s what we do.

Peter Wood – Creative Director
Peter is the president and creative director of The Hucksters. A 1986 graduate of the Royal College of Art, Peter has worked for The Richards Group, Dallas; Ogilvy and Mather, Houston, and R&R Partners in Las Vegas, before founding The Hucksters. Peter started The Hucksters with the idea of bringing leaner, more targeted and more effective advertising to clients, such as Boyd Gaming, the Houston Dynamo, and American Ironhorse Motorcycles. Though Peter lives in downtown Houston, his heart remains in Islington, where his lifelong love, the Arsenal, dares to go on without him.

Tasha Consiglio – Media Account Director
Tasha grew up in Guam and graduated from Chaminade University in Hawaii with a degree in Marketing. Prior to joining The Hucksters, Tasha worked for Houston’s Bernard Hodes Group, where her clients included Corner Bakery Café and Chili’s. Tasha manages most of The Hucksters’ clients, including Katz’s Deli, The Schooner Restaurant, Scores Sports Bars and USA CABERNET. A social media enthusiast, Tasha’s passions include fashion, travel and all things design – which she is on constant pursuit of via Pinterest, facebook and Instagram and Twitter.

Vicky Yao – Art Director / Graphic Designer
Art Director Vicky Yao is a graduate of LA’s prestigious Art Institute of California. Deciding to start at the top, Vicky worked for Saatchi & Saatchi, Taiwan, where she helped launch the Toyota Prius brand in both print and TV. An award-winning designer and illustrator, Vicky has an unequaled air for vivid, elegant and eye-popping design (and the youth to understand all the digital stuff that makes our heads spin). Vicky is an inveterate world-traveler and hopes someday to see every locale on the BBC’s list of 50 Places To See.

Contact: Peter Wood
President | Creative Director